When migrating clients to SCCM 2012 there can be an issue with agents trying to update the source list via Source Update Manager. This creates a fairly heavy load on the MP/SQL since it will retry this operation every hour, 3600 seconds, as a default. This schedule cannot be configured in the Client Agent settings.

This is a feature under the hood that automatically published unc source list paths to agents┬ábased on MSI’s that is imported to SCCM using the Program – Windows Installer feature.

The heavy load can be seen in the MP log and SQL profiler where the Stored Procedure can be listed.

MP Log:
(Example from log: MP_GetContentDPInfoUnprotected (PSS00355,*,PSS,SMSPackage….)


Remove the Windows Installer product code feature or wait for the load the even out.

Example of Windows Installer Product Code Soure List: